About The Author




My name is Fay Moore. I was born on Monday, June 10, 1974, in Brooklyn, New York, inside Kings County Hospital to two wonderful parents who are from the beautiful island of Barbados. My mother was told that she had to prepare for a dead baby, and they even brought the priest to read me my last rights. My mom was given the Psalm 23 to take with her. It is my favorite in the Psalms. It just goes to show you that when people try to write you off or tell you what your fate is, you shouldn’t get discouraged because God has the final say.


I was married to my boyfriend, and we were blessed with beautiful twins—a boy and girl, just like I asked for. That’s right. Before we were married, we had a conversation, and I told him we would have twins—a boy and girl—and that would be it. Talk your blessings into existence. Three years after our marriage, I became a single parent and widow all in one day. Talk about a roller-coaster ride that I was not ready for. This was the start of me writing more and more as therapy for myself. You have no idea what comes out when the pen hits the paper.


I continue writing and have submitted and had two of my poems printed from poetry.com. I included them in this book. I currently write plays for my church, where the young people perform.


This book is written to help encourage those who are on this crazy roller-coaster ride called life. I can truly say you’re not alone. Feel free to send me messages on my Twitter, @BentbutnotBrok2.